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A Strong and Independent predictor of ASCVD Events

Lp-PLA 2 appears to act synergistically with CRP (measured as hsCRP), such that risk is substantial when both are elevated. However, while CRP is a marker of general inflammation, Lp-PLA 2 appears to specifically indicate vascular inflammation and is not influenced by obesity

Reference: ENDOCRINE PRACTICE Vol 23 (Suppl 2) April 2017

Technopath Clinical Diagnostics launches enhanced offering for i-plaq™ Test for Lp-PLA2


As part of Technopath Clinical Diagnostics (TCD) continuous investment in developing new products to meet evolving demands of the IVD market place, the company announced today, the launch of a new kit size of the i-plaq™ Test for Lp-PLA2, offering enhanced usability in a laboratory setting.

The new low volume kit maintains all the same features as the current kit, including dedicated QC, single point calibration, 28 day stability and is available for multiple platform applications.

“We are delighted to be able to build on the success of the current i-plaq assay by introducing a low volume i-plaq kit size”, commented Malcom Bell, CEO Technopath Clinical Diagnostics, “Feedback from our partners is always a priority for us and we expect that the smaller sized kit, will significantly enhance our offering to clinical laboratories in this growing market sector”.

The i-plaq test for Lp-PLA2 enables clinicians to quickly detect Lp-PLA2, a vascular-specific inflammatory marker critical in the formation of rupture-prone plaque from a standard blood test. Higher levels of Lp-PLA2 may indicate that the atherosclerotic plaque is more likely to rupture, leading to a dangerous blood clot that could result in cardiovascular disease (CVD) events. The i-plaq’s superior test performance and ease of use significantly improves the CVD risk assessment for patients.

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About Cardiovascular Disease

CVD events are the leading cause of deaths in Europe and the US. CVD caused nearly 800,000 deaths in 2015 in the US and about 795,000 people had a stroke, the leading preventable cause of disability. Around 50% of CVD events occur in patients with unremarkable lipid levels. Further the number of people developing metabolic syndrome has gone up to almost 50% of patients >50 years of age. Ideally, all coronary artery disease (CAD) risk factors should be well controlled, and increasing evidence shows an enhanced benefit when each individual risk factor is aggressively modified. According to the American Heart Association CVD is not only the top killer in the US but worldwide with 31 percent of all deaths from CVD, and stroke accounted for nearly twelve percent of all deaths. There is a need to maintain good cardiovascular health through lifestyle changes and recognition and treatment of risk factors.

About Technopath Clinical Diagnostics

Technopath Clinical Diagnostics, a privately held Irish Life Sciences Company founded in 2004, is a global leader in the development and manufacture of quality control solutions which enhance the quality of patient testing by clinical laboratories. In 2008, Technopath Clinical Diagnostics launched the In-Vitro Diagnostic industry’s first truly consolidated Immunochemistry Quality Control (QC) materials. The principal focus and vision was to remove the need for multiple test materials through consolidation of a large number of analytes in to a single product. Consolidation enables clinical laboratories to significantly reduce handling requirements, reclaim storage and minimise waste, leading to a more efficient quality control process. Technopath Clinical Diagnostics is now a high growth company based upon the success we have enjoyed in our home markets and the recent closure of significant product development & supply agreements on a global basis. Technopath Clinical Diagnostics has been ISO 13485 accredited since 2009 and has been successful in achieving US FDA 510K and China FDA approvals for all of our Multichem® QC products. For more information on Technopath Clinical Diagnostics, visit

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